(9 April, 2001)
Built up web site.

(11 May, 2002)
Moved to "KAKIAGE-KUN.
Separeted each page.
Changed Counter unit
Added Revised page.
Added gif files at the bottom

(?? May, 2002)

(17 May, 2002)
Added [Print out for private use is permitted ]

(20 May, 2002)
Added ALINK color

(1 June, 2002)
Added "CHIKYUU-YA" at the bottom of index page as photo's web site
(15 June, 2002)
Removed "KUREYON IRO NO UTA" from index, and place Lyena.html

(26 June, 2002)
by Sue-san introduced by hiro-chan is linked.

(28 June, 2002)
Removed counter.
Added "MIKIAJI" to he bottom of INDEX because
today is the first Aniversary for her and first day for me !
Rewrote Japanese words or sentences on this page into Alphabets.

(1 July, 2002)
Place"yume.html"which is based on "kureyon" at the center of INDEX

(8 July, 2002)
Place Yahoo Serch Window at the bottom of index

(8 July, 2002)

(10 July, 2002)
Add"TOOL" to the link page as DOHGU-BAKO

(11 July,2002)
Join " Beautiful Life Ring"

(17 July, 2002)
Make "aeta.html" to wite down the date of the linked pages
enables jumpes from DEAETA HITO TATI of link1.html

(24 July,2002)
Removed "MADE in EARTH". Relocated"Click donation" to the
next of nifty banner. Set Harbot at the bottom of index.html.
The original script of the Harbot was removed from Lyena's.

Removed nifty's counter.(Harbot's counter is avairable ).
Copyright banner is removed and the page is linked under
the "Rule of Internet"

(26 August, 2002)
Place "me"html as profile before yume.html

(30 October, 2002)
Remove BBS

(6 December, 2002)
Released the regulation of link.

(16 December, 2002)
Added "hyms.html" at the bottom of Bible message.

(21 December, 2002) Change the poem on the top to "Daijohbu"from "Open Up".
Previous TOP page is here

(13 December, 2002)
Divided link page into two as"link1" and "link"

(18 March, 2003)
Change the top page.(change the poem)

(19 April, 2003) Add the page of "song of life" on the day that
I received the tape rerorded take 2 from Abe-san

(? June, 2003)
Add Guest Book BBS onto the top

(6 June, 2003)
Add my mail add. on to the top to contact many people!

(7 June, 2003)
Removed Yahoo! serch form and put"Kids goo "instead
as this page is linked to the Kids goo.

(16 June, 2003)
Made and added"amazi.html" to IMAMADE.

(23 June, 2003)
Changed"KAKIKOMI note" to "RENRAKU-CHOH",
"☆" to "MOTTO BBS" to maintain this web site more easily and
less confusion for visitors.
"RENRAKU-CHO" mode is also changed to "pre-check".
The previous TOP is here.

(7 July, 2003)
Drew a picture by paint and and made"Impian(=Dream).html :)

(16 July, 2003)
Removed BBS and make "ANOKORO" to keep Lyena's diary.
I want keep her world. I like her world.

(6 September, 2003)
Made and added"past.html" to the bottom of oshiease page
in order to store the data of acts of me & this site.

(20 September, 2003)
Put SERCH Window onto the top to serch inside my site.

(10 November, 2003)
Add "Photo.html" and put the photo of THE Chrismas tree!

(16 March, 2004)
Add English study record as diary by geodiary.

(20 March, 2004) Remove the above diary dated 16 March,2004 from the
Sonomanma Note page and
Place Blog onto the top as "Eigo Nikki"
This web site is linked to the blog to easy retrun and control.
Previous top ishere.

(11 August, 2004) Add "chi-chan ga dekirumade" onto the page of me.html
cause I found report from school.

(30 October 2004)
"me.html" changed to "chi-chan ni tuite".
"mylife.html" is added on me.html to introduce kitchen tools.
"whl.thml" is added on me.html.
"immamade" changed to "me2.html" and linked to me.html.
"chi-chan ga dekirumade" onto the page of me.html was removed
from "imamade" and put onto me.html as me2.html.

(2 November 2004)
Remove image of "welcome board" to print "index.html"in a sheet.
The previous top page is here

(15 January 2005)
The name of Diary page has changed to "chocolate Nikki".
BBS is changed to GUEST BOOK.
The previous top page is here

(6 September 2005)
Changed the title on "me.html" page to プロフィール

(19 Septemner 2005)
Authorized by & put the banner to the top.
Previous TOP page is here.

(21 January 2006)
Removed Oshirase.html and put KZLOG PPL blog on the top page
Previous TOP page is here

(7 March 2006)
Add podcast format to the blog powered by nifty

(14 July 2006)
Started ""as ちょこれーとなココロ"
Previous TOP page is here

(6 May 2007)
Rearrange index page to put POST CARD PAGE,separate Lyena
from CHICHAN, and reset YUME page to guide to my visions.
Previous TOP page is here

(3 January 2008) Change font smaller size (to 2), tag style of プロフィール.
Put the pen name onto the page of プロフィール.

(20 March 2010) Changed BG color to Ivory. link color to skyblue.

(13 September 2011) Add 日記to the index page.
The previous TOP is here